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‘rpact’ version 4.0


rpact-package rpact - Confirmatory Adaptive Clinical Trial Design and Analysis

-- A --

as251Normal Algorithm AS 251: Normal Distribution
as251StudentT Algorithm AS 251: Student T Distribution

-- F --

fetch Extract a single parameter
fetch.ParameterSet Extract a single parameter

-- G --

getAccrualTime Get Accrual Time
getAnalysisResults Get Analysis Results
getAvailablePlotTypes Get Available Plot Types
getClosedCombinationTestResults Get Closed Combination Test Results
getClosedConditionalDunnettTestResults Get Closed Conditional Dunnett Test Results
getConditionalPower Get Conditional Power
getConditionalRejectionProbabilities Get Conditional Rejection Probabilities
getData Get Simulation Data
getData.SimulationResults Get Simulation Data
getDataSet Get Dataset
getDataset Get Dataset
getDesignCharacteristics Get Design Characteristics
getDesignConditionalDunnett Get Design Conditional Dunnett Test
getDesignFisher Get Design Fisher
getDesignGroupSequential Get Design Group Sequential
getDesignInverseNormal Get Design Inverse Normal
getDesignSet Get Design Set
getEventProbabilities Get Event Probabilities
getFinalConfidenceInterval Get Final Confidence Interval
getFinalPValue Get Final P Value
getGroupSequentialProbabilities Get Group Sequential Probabilities
getHazardRatioByPi Survival Helper Functions for Conversion of Pi, Lambda, Median
getLambdaByMedian Survival Helper Functions for Conversion of Pi, Lambda, Median
getLambdaByPi Survival Helper Functions for Conversion of Pi, Lambda, Median
getMedianByLambda Survival Helper Functions for Conversion of Pi, Lambda, Median
getMedianByPi Survival Helper Functions for Conversion of Pi, Lambda, Median
getNumberOfSubjects Get Number Of Subjects
getObjectRCode Get Object R Code
getObservedInformationRates Get Observed Information Rates
getOutputFormat Get Output Format
getPerformanceScore Get Performance Score
getPiByLambda Survival Helper Functions for Conversion of Pi, Lambda, Median
getPiByMedian Survival Helper Functions for Conversion of Pi, Lambda, Median
getPiecewiseExponentialDistribution The Piecewise Exponential Distribution
getPiecewiseExponentialQuantile The Piecewise Exponential Distribution
getPiecewiseExponentialRandomNumbers The Piecewise Exponential Distribution
getPiecewiseSurvivalTime Get Piecewise Survival Time
getPowerAndAverageSampleNumber Get Power And Average Sample Number
getPowerCounts Get Power Counts
getPowerMeans Get Power Means
getPowerRates Get Power Rates
getPowerSurvival Get Power Survival
getRawData Get Simulation Raw Data for Survival
getRepeatedConfidenceIntervals Get Repeated Confidence Intervals
getRepeatedPValues Get Repeated P Values
getSampleSizeCounts Get Sample Size Counts
getSampleSizeMeans Get Sample Size Means
getSampleSizeRates Get Sample Size Rates
getSampleSizeSurvival Get Sample Size Survival
getSimulationEnrichmentMeans Get Simulation Enrichment Means
getSimulationEnrichmentRates Get Simulation Enrichment Rates
getSimulationEnrichmentSurvival Get Simulation Enrichment Survival
getSimulationMeans Get Simulation Means
getSimulationMultiArmMeans Get Simulation Multi-Arm Means
getSimulationMultiArmRates Get Simulation Multi-Arm Rates
getSimulationMultiArmSurvival Get Simulation Multi-Arm Survival
getSimulationRates Get Simulation Rates
getSimulationSurvival Get Simulation Survival
getStageResults Get Stage Results
getTestActions Get Test Actions

-- K --

kable Create output in Markdown
kable.ParameterSet Create output in Markdown
kableParameterSet Create output in Markdown
knit_print.ParameterSet Print Parameter Set in Markdown Code Chunks
knit_print.SummaryFactory Print Summary Factory in Markdown Code Chunks

-- M --

mvnprd Original Algorithm AS 251: Normal Distribution
mvstud Original Algorithm AS 251: Student T Distribution

-- O --

obtain Extract a single parameter
obtain.ParameterSet Extract a single parameter

-- P --

plot.AnalysisResults Analysis Results Plotting
plot.Dataset Dataset Plotting
plot.EventProbabilities Event Probabilities Plotting
plot.NumberOfSubjects Number Of Subjects Plotting
plot.ParameterSet Parameter Set Plotting
plot.SimulationResults Simulation Results Plotting
plot.StageResults Stage Results Plotting
plot.SummaryFactory Summary Factory Plotting
plot.TrialDesign Trial Design Plotting
plot.TrialDesignCharacteristics Trial Design Plotting
plot.TrialDesignPlan Trial Design Plan Plotting
plot.TrialDesignSet Trial Design Set Plotting
plotTypes Get Available Plot Types
ppwexp The Piecewise Exponential Distribution
print.SummaryFactory Summary Factory Printing
print.TrialDesignCharacteristics Trial Design Characteristics Printing
pull Extract a single parameter
pull.ParameterSet Extract a single parameter

-- Q --

qpwexp The Piecewise Exponential Distribution

-- R --

rcmd Get Object R Code
readDataset Read Dataset
readDatasets Read Multiple Datasets
rpact rpact - Confirmatory Adaptive Clinical Trial Design and Analysis
rpwexp The Piecewise Exponential Distribution

-- S --

setOutputFormat Set Output Format

-- T --

testPackage Test Package

-- U --

utilitiesForPiecewiseExponentialDistribution The Piecewise Exponential Distribution
utilitiesForSurvivalTrials Survival Helper Functions for Conversion of Pi, Lambda, Median

-- W --

writeDataset Write Dataset
writeDatasets Write Multiple Datasets


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“rpact is by far the easiest to use.”
(Professor Daniel Lakens, Human-Technology Interaction Group, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands)



“We regularly use rpact for the design of group-sequential and adaptive trials at our company. The package is continuously evolving and includes state-of-the-art methods such as estimation of…



“[…] it is an incredibly accessible and useful tool for sequential analyses. […] I think your rpact package and shiny app might be a bit of a game-changer on this front, as it makes the required…